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TIMELINe of events


  • Nieko Lisi and Robert (Robbie) Knight seen on security camera in Kanona, New York. 

  • Nieko and Robbie were seen in Rochester, New York on a security camera at Wegmans at 4am ET. Nieko's face was clearly visible on camera.

  • Nieko was last physically seen by his uncle with Robbie around 2pm ET in Addison, New York. Nieko told his uncle they were going to Buffalo, New York to hang with friends. They were in a truck (gold GMC Canyon pickup) that Robbie said was his grandfather's.  Robbie was driving the truck. However, Robbie's grandfather does not own a truck. It was later found out that the truck had been stolen from Steuben St in Addison, New York.


  • Robbie arrived in Romulus, Michigan sometime between 6am and 10am ET according to Robbie's girlfriend. His father said he found him sleeping at 11am ET when he came home from work. Nobody in Robbie's family saw Nieko. Robbie told his family that Nieko dropped him off.

  • Robbie told his family that Nieko stole his phone. He was on his grandfathers cell plan and they turned service off to that phone.

  • Nieko's grandmother called his phone sometime in mid-afternoon (believed to be around 5pm ET). Nieko told her that he couldn't talk and would call her back. Nieko never called back.

  • Resident of Flintlock Drive in Franklin, Tennessee (unable to be named) sent Nieko a Western Union money order for $90.  It was presumed by Nieko's mother (Monica Button) that this was to purchase gas to make it to Franklin. This information was uncovered when Monica went to Flintlock Drive to talk to boy and his father where Nieko was last believed to be.  It was later confirmed (2015) by New York State Police, and they said it was picked up in Ohio.

  • Nieko's phone pinged for the last time at 4:05 pm CT / 5:05 pm ET from Flintlock Dr. in Franklin, Tennessee.


  • Nieko's mom (Monica) received Nieko's license in the mail. It was found on the street in front of the Hornell, New York post office and mailed from there to Monica's house in Jasper, New York on 10/1/11. Hornell and Jasper are only about 15 miles apart.


  • Nieko was officially reported missing.

  • Robbie was questioned by Michigan police about Nieko's disappearance. Robbie was taken from police station to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation.


  • Robbie was released from hospital.


  • Robbie passed away at his parents home sometime after 8pm. Cause of death was suspected drug overdose.


  • Monica receives a phone call from a kid that lives on Flintlock Drive in Franklin and he stated that Nieko was at his house on October 1, 2011, and spent the night there. 



  • Nieko's mother travels to Flintlock Drive in Franklin, Tennessee to question the boy (and his father) who called to say he spent the night there on October 1.  She received three different versions on how he arrived at their house. This family is not able to be named for legal reasons.  Monica did find out at this time that this boy sent Nieko a Western Union payment for $90 back on October 1st (confirmed by NYSP).


  • Robbie Knight's father passes away.


  • New York State investigators travel to Romulus, Michigan to question Robbie's brother Christopher (incarcerated at the time), as well as Robbie's mother.  Not much info was passed on from this questioning, except that Christopher admitted that he and Robbie shut down Nieko's facebook page from their house.



  • Boy from Flintlock Dr questioned by NYSP and Franklin PD. Though cooperative for a short time, the cooperation stops and he obtains an attorney.


  • The truck Nieko was traveling in (gold GMC Canyon) is found in Nashville by the New York State Police and Franklin TN police department.  It had been dismantled/stripped down.


  • The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) takes over the case.


  • Christopher Knight (Robbie's brother) dies.

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